80’s Surf Showdown

For this project, I was given the task to create a trophy plaque for the 9th annual Pismo Beach 80’s Surf Showdown. The trophy needed to be 80’s themed, needed to include the logos of the two sponsors of the competition, as well as the date and division the trophy plaque was going to be for. The divisions were “Groms 11 and under”, “Boys 12-14”, “Juniors 15-17”, “Twin Fin Heat”, and “80’s Surf Show Off”.

When I was first given this assignment, my mind went straight to music. I really liked the idea of a cassette tape, so I drew up a rough draft of what I wanted it to look like first. I loved how it came out on paper, but when I went to make it digital, we had problems with taking imagines from the internet due to copyright. Lucky enough, I had old cassettes at my house that I could take a picture of. I used different lights and shadows while taking the picture in order to get the right image I had in my head.

After getting the rough image, I had to Photoshop the cassette to make everything that was required fit neatly. I removed the title of the original cassette, as well as some more unnecessary text, and replaced it with the name of the competition, the division, and the place. I placed the logos in the corners so that they could be seen from a far and easily recognizable. I then added the date of the competition so that the winner knew when the award was won. I ran this version with my instructor and he gave me some good feedback. He told me that I should remove the “2” on the right and move the place the contestant received in the competition up.

I used this given feedback and changed some important details. On this new version, I did end up removing the “2”, as well as added the full name of the competition. This made the whole picture flow and look better in general. Also, I changed the division I would be making my trophy plaque for from “Twin-Fin Heat” to “80’s Surf Show Off”. With these changes, the whole image looks a lot cleaner and easier to follow.

In summary, I really liked this project. I loved how much was up to my creativity, and how little requirements were given to me before hand. I was able to create this trophy plaque and make it look exactly how I wanted it to. Due to my creative freedom and the feedback given by my instructor, my trophy plaque won and it will be used as the trophy for the “80’s Surf Show Off” division.

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