A New Client Approaches!

Love how in my last post I wrote about procrastinating less and getting a better handle on my work and here I am writing this at 8 pm the day this is due. Things happened and I was busy this week haha! Between figuring out how I am going to continue my business idea (more on that in future posts), trying to make a yearbook with Mr. Oliver, and getting a new DireLights client, this has been a very busy week but it’s full of opportunities. Speaking of!!! I am happy to say that Mr. Hinthorne, our Spanish teacher at CCNTH, has contacted us to help us with his business idea. This is super awesome and we can’t wait to work with him and promote what he is doing.

Earlier this week, Hinthrone came in and pitched us his business of a podcast where he would talk to and learn about teachers all around the world who teach in different ways than “normal.” His podcast is called “An Unconventional Teacher” and can be listened to on all podcast services. He even interviews Ms. Stillittano! Super cool idea and we are very happy to work with him. After his pitch, he opened the conversation up to questions and next steps for him so we could provide feedback and input on some of the things he is doing. We all loved the idea and the concept of the podcast because there are so many amazing teachers that teach in different ways than others and they should be recognized. Right now, he averages 100 listeners per podcast which is pretty good considering he started a couple of months ago, but we want more listeners each week to hear about the amazing teachers and people in education.

As a team, we wrote down some next steps for Hinthorne that could make his idea even better. One of the things that’s important is the logo. His logo right now is simple and good, but it can be better and really tell the viewer what they are listening to before they listen to it. I plan on brainstorming with Gianna, the graphic designer for DireLights, and come up with some new designs for him to choose from. After looking at his Instagram, I noticed that he interacts with many if not all of his followers through the comments which is a really good way to get and keep followers. One thing he can do to improve this is to put a call to action in his posts to really increase the engagement and interaction. This will make his followers more engaged while also tricking the algorithm into recommending this account to more people. Hashtags are another great thing to do to get your account seen by more people. 

Hinthorne has been such a positive influence on CCNTH and we are very happy and excited to work with him. We want him to succeed and we will help him in all ways that he needs. Of course, by doing so he will promote DireLights and we can get new customers through him which will be awesome. Thank you Hinthorne for wanting to work with us to create something truly amazing and unique!

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