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This week in DireLights, we look to improve the company. At the end of the EM I DireLights project, the students are asked to identify an issue with the company and come up with an innovation to help solve this problem. They spend a few weeks coming up with their innovation and making a pitch to then present to the class. After all of the presentations, we all vote on who we think had the best innovation. There were some really cool and unique innovations this year and I wanted to share some of the ones that stood out to me.

First up, we have the marketing plan that the Marketing Department pitched. This would lay out all of the ads we are running, the posts that are going to be going out that month, and even new campaigns that we are going to be running. Marketing has been doing a really good job putting out meaningful Instagram posts, as well as promoting new products that we have been working on. The marketing plan will make everything a lot more organized and easy to follow for the current team, as well as teams in the future. Super cool idea guys!

Next, we have a new product! Bella from the Operations Department has been working really hard since the beginning of the year to come up with a safe bath bomb! She has worked closely with Mrs. Greco over the past few months to get the science behind them just right. From what I can gather, a prototype of them is being made and we can hopefully get this product out by the end of the school year, if not at the beginning of next year. Baths are always a relaxing way to end that hard day at work, so why not make them more fun with DireLights bath bombs! 

Last but certainly not least, we have a new way to purchase products. Nathan from the Tech Department has created a functioning and beautiful website for us to use and for customers to purchase products from. Since we are unable to sell at event nights due to…circumstances…so we needed to come up with a new way to get products to people. Nathan, being the tech whiz that he is, jumped right on this issue and created a website that connected to EdCrops where products can be purchased. He also looks at and manages the analytics of the site and communicates with Marketing to make sure the campaigns we are running are working. This is a great and needed addition to the company and it will be expanded on in the future.

Innovations are always a fun time of the year because they are a transition from working so hard in DireLghts to now taking a step back and using what we have learned to make our own businesses. All of the innovations helped to add to the company in their own way and I can’t wait to see who won the competition!

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