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This was a very weird project. Not because of the topic, but a lot happened between when we first got assigned this project to now when we are turning it in. This was originally a project about making a PSA of some sort to explain and educate people on COVID-19. We all planned on doing that for the 6 weeks, but the virus made it so all schools were closed in our county and forced us on an online learning system. This threw us all off course and changed our projects completely. 

My original plan for this project was to create a super intricate video that would show how fast the virus could spread. It would require a lot of people (CCNTH students) and a large area (our school quad). Because school got canceled and the new social distancing guidelines set up by the CDC, this has to change. I was crushed because I really wanted to do this project. My friend Will and I started thinking about what else we could do. We decided on making a video of us playing one of our favorite video games, Sea of Thieves. This video would show how we have to interact now because of the guidelines and school closures. 

This video was filmed by Will using his recording software. Unfortunately, you can only see his perspective because I do not have the ability to record my screen as he does. In the video, we are playing Sea of Thieves, a private role-playing game where you sail the seas and collect treasure. We love playing this game because we can make out own adventure while sailing and having fun. This game can be played by up to 4 people per ship, with 16 other players on the seas with you. Ship sizes vary from the Sloop, a two-person boat, Brigantine, the three-person ship, and Galleon, a four-player vessel. We only had two players at the time, so we went with the sloop.

 We went on a new quest that was released on the day of recording. This quest was to travel to all of the islands in the Devil’s Roar. The reward for this quest was an exclusive sword. We had a blast sailing to each island and killing all of the sea monsters we encountered on the way. Will and I have played video games every day over the break to get a little bit of social interaction during these hard times. 

This video was edited by both of us in Adobe Premiere. Will was the one editing, while he screen shared his screen so I could see what he was doing and I could tell him what to add and what to delete. The video was originally one hour long, but we trimmed it down quite a bit and added some effects and sounds that made it even better. I like this way of editing because we are still collaborating, just in a new way that we have never done before. 

Although the circumstances weren’t ideal, we got a project that we are pretty proud of. I’m crushed that I couldn’t continue working on my original video, but I can’t be mad at things that are out of my control. Maybe one day I’ll pick the project up again and work on finishing it. Will and I had a really good time working on this video together. It was a good way to relax and not think about what’s going on in the world. Video games right now are helping people all over the world find new friendships and interact with each other every day, just like it is doing for Will and me.

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