Digital Photography Recreation

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has canceled the entire school year, making it so all school work is online. This has thrown a wrench in my entire plans for finishing some of my incomplete projects I had started early in the year. Luckily, I have my own personal camera so I can still use my photography and video skills while we are all stuck at home. I especially got to use these when working on this new Digital Media assignment. We had many options to choose from, ranging from continuing to make our Coronavirus PSA to making a short film with some cool prompts. I chose to recreate some of my photographers’ pictures in my own style. I had to pick 6 different pictures from a photographer of my choice and take a similar picture to them. The photographer I chose is Peter McKinnon, a Canadian photographer who specializes in landscape photography. Although landscape isn’t my favorite, I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and dabble a little. For this post, I will share two of the six photos that I took and that I am the proudest of.

The first photo I chose to recreate is this really cool product photography example. McKinnon took a photo of these super cool playing cards from Theory 11. Luckily, I got these same cards for my birthday so I thought what a perfect photo to recreate. The original image is on the left while my remake is on the right. I started by gathering some metal pieces around my house to set up the “Star Wars” background. This really added to the photo and made it seem right out of the Star Wars universe. I used a blanket as my backdrop while McKinnon used a printed Star Wars backdrop. This was a good example of how I used things at my disposal to make the recreation my own. I also added some more Star Wars items such as the lightsaber and the dice to make it more fun. The biggest difference is the depth perception which I chose not to add because I preferred the background being visible in my image. This was a really fun picture to take and I am very proud of how it turned out. It’s not exactly like Peter’s, but that’s the point of recreations. 

The second remake I am going to share is this really interesting piece on contract. Once again, the original image is on the left while the recreation is on the right. I first saw this image on Instagram and I already had plans to recreate it before this project was rolled out. This take on contrast is just really cool and I love how different and unique it is. Obviously, the pictures are a little different. The original uses coffee beans and a singular M&M while mine uses different colours of Skittles. Again, that’s what makes it a remake and not a copy. Both show the same amount of contrast just in two different ways. I had some struggles while taking this photo. I am very colourblind and a lot of the Skittles look the same to me. I originally planned to have red and green Skittles in the picture, but it was too difficult to sort the Skittles out so I just stuck with the yellow and green. This gave me a different photography idea that I will probably do over the summer or next year. This was a really fun picture to take and I am really happy with the final outcome.

Although circumstances didn’t work out in my favor, this was still a really fun project overall. I am really happy with how all of the remakes turned out and I found a new love for landscape photography that I never had before. Portrait photography still remains my favorite, but I can definitely see myself continuing to do some landscape in the future to build my portfolio a little bit more. 

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