First Portfolio Project!

As challenging as distance learning has been, it has made me feel very creative and made me think of some interesting photography projects. As of writing this, we have just finished our first of many portfolio projects that we will be doing this year. I actually really love this model of “Here is your due date, take x amount of time to produce something really cool” that we have this year. Structure is nice at times, but we are seniors and won’t have structure for too much longer. This is also a super cool way to build our portfolios! Many of us want to go into the media arts industry, so there’s nothing better than showing off your art using this class. (All of these pictures were taken within a two-week time frame with a Canon 80D, using both a 100mm prime lens and 18mm-135mm zoom. All photos were edited in Adobe Lightroom.)

For my first piece, I decided to give myself a lot of creative freedoms and make something that was more personal. I am colorblind and I have been my whole life. It definitely makes some parts of life harder than others like driving for example. I can’t tell the difference between the colors of street lights, but I know that red is on top, followed by yellow, with green on the bottom. Using this, I wanted to make an art piece out of it and bring some attention to it. Skittles have all different colors, so I (with my parents’ help) separated all of the colors out into different piles. From here, I then placed one different colored Skittle into each pile to see which ones I could see and which I couldn’t. I then put these images into Lightroom and converted them to black and white to see if I could see the different colored Skittle that way. Turns out, I could! I put the original images next to the altered ones to show how different people see contrasting colors. This was super captivating to me because everyone sees color differently and I wanted to create an art piece that represented that. This was a really fun project for me because I found lots of relevance in it and I learned something new while doing it. 

Portrait photography has always been my favorite. I get to have fun with my friends, work with new people, and get to see them be so happy after their picture is taken. These portraits are of my girlfriend, Hailey Razo. We went to a local park and found a nice socially distant spot away from everyone else and began taking pictures. We experimented with different angles and poses to make them pop a little bit more. I am used to working in a studio, but I am wanting to get used to taking portraits outside so I could possibly take senior portraits in years to come. After taking them, I put them into Lightroom to edit them a little bit. They didn’t need and heavy editing, but I upped the contrast a little bit and turned up the greens so that the grass in the background could stand out just a little more. This was a super fun shoot! I really like photography because you are capturing moments in life while having fun. She was very happy with how these turned out and that makes me feel very accomplished.

For the last piece to my project, I wanted to get into the spooky mood and take pictures of the decorations my mom put up for Halloween. She takes decorating very seriously and this year she went all out. The outside of the house looks amazing and I wanted to capture the beauty. This was also a chance to practice night photography, something I haven’t really experimented with as of now. It was a cool experience and I was able to improve some of my skills while having fun. After taking the photos, I threw them into Lightroom and began making some edits. The main edits I did to all of them were bringing up the contrast and the shadows to make them stand out a little bit more than they already do. This really added to the images and makes them look super cool and different. My mom is really talented and I wanted to show that off since Halloween is still up in the air as of now. Hopefully, people will drive by and see the amazing job she did on the house!

I loved doing this mini project! It was a lot of fun trying out new things and improving some of the skills I already have. Photography is such fun for me and I love capturing memories that I will have forever. I already have some really cool ideas for the next project that test my skills out a little bit more and force me to try something I have never done before. I can’t wait, and I hope you will see them very soon.

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