Guest Speaker Javier Cadena

It is a good day in DireLights when we have guest speakers come in to talk to us. Everyone is excited and ready to learn from them and take something away from their lectures. Since we are in distanced learning and we use Google Meet, guest speakers can come to talk to us more often because they don’t need to schedule a time to drive to campus and talk. That’s a big positive of this year because we have the opportunity to hear and learn from more guest speakers than we did last year, and I can’t wait!

Yesterday, September 15, 2020, we had our first guest speaker of the year, Javier Cadena. He is an entrepreneur who owns and operates Cheddrsuite for restaurants. He began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 24 when he was working for someone and decided he wanted to live his own dream instead of working toward someone else’s. He spoke to us for about an hour and went over many topics ranging from “What is an Entrepreneur?” to “Setting Your Own Goals.” I learned a lot about both myself and what it means to be an entrepreneur from Cadena and I am thrilled he was able to come and talk with us.

Toward the middle of his presentation, he spoke about the “4 B’s Needed to Execute”. 1.) The Body. You first need the energy to execute. If you walk into a meeting with the president of a business you are wanting to sell your product to, look prepared and confident. Have energy in the way you look, act, and speak to make you seem more engaged and ready for this next step. 2.) The Being. This is the why behind what are trying to do and gives you a purpose to do it. Avoid making the “why” money-related. Yes, money is a wonderful thing and everyone wants more money, but if you make your business on the basis that you want money, you are going to fail. Have passion in what you are doing and the money will follow. 3.) The Business. This is the vessel to create wealth. Your business will make you money the more time and energy you out into it. Take care of the business and give it the time and attention it needs and it will treat you well in the end. 4.) The Bonds. These are your closest followers for your business. Your friends, family, wife/husband, children. The people that will follow and support you the most. It is important to pitch your business and really secure these bonds because they are the ones who will get your opening funds to start the foundation for your business. This was really captivating to me and I learned that you shouldn’t treat your business as something to make money, but instead it is a passion built to make money. I loved how he presented this to our class because a lot of us are planning to make our businesses and having this model to look back at is going to be very useful,

Javier Cadena is a very motivational speaker and I learned a lot about him and myself during his goals section of the talk. There are 3 main things to remember when coming up with goals. 1.) Make sure your goals are NOT influenced by anyone or anything else. If you make your goals based on an outside source, you won’t be as motivated to do them because they aren’t truly your goals. 2.) Don’t tie any negativity to your goals. Make them all positive and kick all of the negativity out the door. If you have a goal to become successful, focus on becoming successful and less about the “what if I don’t?” 3.) Make a list of your goals and review them every day. This is a very key step to the process. Looking at your goals every day will only fuel you with motivation and it will feel so relieving when you finally get to shorten that list and cross things off one at a time. I plan on doing this method soon because I think it’s important to revisit the things you want to do and I find great satisfaction when I cross things off of lists. 

I loved this guest speaker. He really inspired me to do what I want to do and become a person I am happy with. Someone asked a question at the end of his presentation about if you needed to go to college to start a business and become successful and he said that college is not needed and all you need is passion. This stuck heavily with me because for the longest time I have been dreading college because I want to go out and learn, not learn from a classroom for 4 more years. It made me rethink my future plans because what I want to do doesn’t really require a college degree. We will see what the future holds, but as of now, I can’t wait to apply some of the concepts Cadena talked about, as well as learn more from the other guest speakers we have lined up.

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