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A new year, a new group of entrepreneurs. As the Freshmen wrap up their presentations about their favorite entrepreneurs, I thought it would be a good time to do a blog post about the tech department and how everything works. Within the next few weeks, they will be able to apply for different positions in the company and each department will be holding interviews with those students. This is a really interesting way to start the DireLights project because it is how the real world works when you apply for a new job. I can’t wait to see who I get to work with this year and how we can make the tech team even better. 

First off, let’s start with the graphic designer. The graphic designer is in charge of every logo design, candle label, etc. This is a big job. The things you create are shared and looked at by customers, so they must be to brand, simple, clean, and professional. Last year, Gianna Mattina was our amazing graphic designer and she came up with some really captivating designs. She worked in Mr. Oliver’s room because we didn’t have access to Adobe products inside of the DireLights room. Luckily, everyone who is taking a digital media class has access to the Creative Cloud via their school email!! This is a great opportunity for new designers to create for DireLights and we can be even faster producing products than last year. Gianna was fast, like getting products done the same week fast. I can’t wait to see how efficient she is this year. Hopefully, more students will join her in being graphic designers because it is a hard job and I’m sure she would appreciate the extra helping hands. We might already have our first project lined up this year; making new shirt designs for the students.

Next, we have the web developer. This position will be a big one this year. We are needing to transition our business completely online now, so the website must be functioning, easily accessible, and possibly even able to make sales. Caleb Kim was our webdeveloper last year and he worked really hard year-round to make sure this website was in order. The year previous, the website looked really bad so Caleb didn’t have much to work with, but he did his best with what he had before creating a new one from scratch. The web developer must be able to know how to build a website, as well as know how to fix problems that occur. I believe we already have some students interested in this position which is amazing because the more people we have making this transition the better. A few weeks ago, I did a blog about how to make that transition online using the website, so I will share this with the web developers and see if they can add anything from my post. 

Last but certainly not least, we have the photographer. The photographer works closely with both the operations department and the marketing department to take photos of our products and distribute them wherever they are needed. William McGuirk was our photographer last year and he produced some really cool images for both our Instagram and the catalog we started. He and I worked together to take seasonal pictures of the candles, then gave those pictures to the marketing department to post on our social media pages. He also gave them to Caleb so he could put them on the website. Photography might be a little tricky this year because we don’t have all of the products readily available, but I’m sure we can come up with something. One idea we came up with was that the operations department would get together and make candles outside of class, so maybe the photographers could join them and take photos while they are making them. 

I can’t wait to see who joins the tech team. We really need people this year because we have a big job ahead of us. Being the CTO, I will be hiring students who are passionate about the position they want and try to make the tech department welcoming for them. I’m sure Gianna, Will, and Caleb will be good mentors for them and can help them with whatever they need help with this year

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