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At DireLights, we make some pretty good products. The handcrafted 100% soy wax candles are things we take lots of time making so that they look and smell perfect. Our operations team has been working really hard to keep up with all of the demand behind the products, especially coming up on Valentine’s day. I like our products so much that I have bought multiple candles for my friends and family members for holidays. For instance, I bought my mom the Christmas Tree scented candle for Christmas and she loves it and lights it quite often. For this weeks’ blog post, I decided to interview her about how our candles hold up against some of the other ones we have in our house. 

I first asked her about the aesthetics of the candle. She loves the colors of the jars and how you can still barely see the wax in it. She said it was a good addition because it was easy to see how much of the candle was left after she burned it. She also loves the gold lid on top. It gives the candle some color and a nice, rustic feel. The twine and tag also add to this she thinks, and she loves how everything matches nicely. She commented on how clean the pour of the candle was with no air bubbles and how white the wax was. Her favorite thing is the label on the candle and how it gives all of the needed information on it. She is also very impressed that it is student-designed. She found it very professional and aesthetically pleasing.

I then asked her about the actual scent of the candle. As mentioned before, I bought her the Christmas Tree scented candle and she loves it. She likes how rich and strong the scent is. The candle is good in fact that she can light it for just an hour and it makes the room smell good. That is something all of her other candles don’t do. The soy wax seems to not melt as quickly as some of the other candle wax she has because She burns the DireLights candle every few days and there is still a lot of wax left.

My mom loves her DireLights and wants me to buy her more. She supports the idea of a student-run business where we make and design everything that goes into the products. The pieces of feedback she gave me was to 1. Make DireLights shirts and 2. Test out larger candle sizes and sell them for a larger price. These are things I will be pitching during our next team meeting. I am so excited to give my mom her special pink Valentine’s Day candle. These are limited edition candles that were sold for a week with exclusive scents and labels. I’m sure she will love it. My mom is a happy DireLights supporter who loves our products and will buy more in the future.

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