Leaving a Legacy

My time in DlireLights is quickly coming to a close as we wrap up our projects and get ready to graduate in a few months. Very scary to think about, but that graduation date is coming faster than we are all expecting and I’m personally not ready for it. Since these will be the last few months with the company, we are given the opportunity to leave our legacy for the future students to learn off of while we are gone. I love this idea because we are able to have a set place in the company and our names will always be mentioned in some way for years to come.

The legacy I wanted to leave behind was how to be a good CTO for the company. I teamed up with my CO CTO, WIll, and we made a short little video going over some of the things that made us successful this year and important things to remember while in the position. These included “communicate with the team”, “use the Trello board”, and “give feedback when needed”. By following the skills in the video, as well as putting your own spin on how you lead, I can assure you that being the CTO will be a fun and easy experience. One important thing we wanted to remind students of is that although you are the boss, you shouldn’t delegate tasks to people. Yes, each person has their own roles and tasks to complete, but as the CTO, you should be able to help them in any and all ways possible. If they don’t need direct help on an assignment, give them feedback on it and see how they can improve. This made the tech team really strong because we were able to help each other and build off of ideas that were given and have fun while making quality work.

I have been the CTO for two years in DireLights and it has been the most fun I have had in a class. This year has looked completely different from last, but it was a fun challenge and learning experience. I was lucky enough to have a solid team to work with and lead and without them, the tech team wouldn’t be as strong. Each member of the team gave a unique aspect and it made coming to class fun and interesting each time. We had fun conversations, while also being productive and working on assignments. I loved working with the team and I am grateful to have been their CTO.

DireLights is such a unique class and I will definitely miss it when I graduate. Although I am leaving it behind, I will take a lot of the teachings from the class with me forever. These skills include being able to lead a team, working against strong deadlines, and keeping up to date with tasks using management software. Without this class, I definitely wouldn’t be as versed in the business world as I am now and I can use these skills to thrive. I hope students use my legacy video when they are the CTO, and I can’t wait to see how the class evolves over time.

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