Mentors are a huge part of your life if you are interested in the business world. They are someone you look up to for answers to your questions and sources for inspiration. Usually, your mentor is someone you know and a person you can trust, but sometimes a mentor can be a figure that you don’t know personally. These public figures usually create podcasts or other forms of media for people to listen to and get inspiration from. This could cause some problems however because you can’t actually talk to this mentor and get feedback from them if you so need it. When I was given the assignment to find a mentor for my own business idea, I wanted to go with someone I could trust and get completely honest feedback from. With this in mind, I am honored to be able to call Jennifer Stillittanomy mentor.


I chose Ms. Stillittano to be my mentor because of how personable she is. I have always been able to go to her for advice or feedback on something I am working on and I know that I will be able to do so even after high school. Frequently, I have gone to her about something I’m working on and she always gives me raw and honest feedback on it. This is something really important to me because I can’t stand it when people just say “yeah this is good!” If I go to you to give me feedback, I want some good feedback! This especially happened while I was practicing for the pitch competition. I worked with her heavily to make sure I had the best pitch possible. She practiced with me, wordsmithed the entire pitch with me, and gave me some really good advice on how to memorize it. This really helped me be prepared for the pitch and it obviously worked! Without her by my side, I wouldn’t have won the competition. I honestly wouldn’t have even done the pitch in the first place! When the opportunity came, she and I went back and forth talking about my readiness to do the pitch and I was leaning towards not doing it, but she gave me the confidence to do it and I am very grateful. 

Stillittano is such an important figure in my life right now and I am so grateful to call her my mentor. I want to say that she may be my mentor right now, but I will eventually grow away from her and find someone more tuned to the field I want to go into and use them as a mentor. Until that happens, Stillittano is my mentor because of how real, honest, and kind she is to both me and everyone else on and off-campus.

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