Photography – Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is how fast the camera reacts when a picture is taken, measured in hundredths of a second. High shutter speeds will result in high quality, clear pictures. Slow shutter speeds will have everything that stayed still while the picture was being taken clear, however, anything that moved will be blurry and out of focus. While taking pictures with slow shutter speed, if you want a subject that is moving to be clear, you have to be moving at the same speed as them. For example, if you want to take a picture of a high action sport, you would want to be using a high shutter speed (1/500-1/1000) setting on your camera. If you want a cool effect on your pictures, put the shutter speed to 1/5-1/30 and everything that moved during the picture taking process will be blurred, allowing for some cool pictures of streets or races.

These pictures were taken with 1/500 shutter speed, and 1/30 shutter speed. As you can see, the water with the ballons laying in it is clear and you can easily see everything in the picture, down to the ripple effect in the water. The 1/30 shutter speed picture was taken when a water balloon was being popped. It is blurry and out of focus, but the person popping the balloon is in full focus because he was stationary. Personally, I like the higher shutter speeds more because you can get more detail in your photos, however, I see the use of slow shutter speeds and how they can result in some really cool, unique, and eye-catching photos.

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