This week in Direlights, our seniors defend their learning. It is indeed that time of the year when seniors get up in front of the class and present why they deserve to graduate at CCNTH. This is a yearly tradition that all seniors do toward the end of May and it is usually a stressful time for everyone involved. For EMII team members who are seniors, we were required to incorporate a piece of the class into the defense. This was a challenge for some because they couldn’t relate the class to their future career goals, but everyone was able to pull it off and created amazing presentations. I was lucky enough to have Entrepreneurship as a part of my presentation before we were told it was required, so I lucked out there. I presented my defense in front of Ms. Boyce, Stillittano, and Mr. Dotinga, and I felt very comfortable. I had a lot of fun reflecting on my past years at CCNTH and putting all of my skills into one final presentation. We all presented in different time slots, and of course, mine was the last slot of the day which meant I had to worry about my presentation while others got it done early in the morning. That’s okay though because I was able to practice my defense some more and feel really confident going into it. I presented my defense with minimal hiccups and shortly after, I got the confirmation email that I had passed! I wasn’t too worried about passing, but I was anxiously waiting and refreshing my emails until I got the notification. Congratulations to everyone who presented, I can’t wait to talk about them in class on Monday.

I am sad to say that this is my last post for Direlights. After 41 blog posts, I can say, although slightly repetitive, I will miss reading and blogging each week. They were a time for me to sit down with a drink and snack and write about a topic or what we were doing in class that week. It will be very strange to not see “IAKT Blog Post Due Sunday” on the To-Do list next week. I gained so much knowledge from doing these posts. From learning about what a “Social Entrepreneur” is to “How to interview someone”, these posts helped me learn and grow as a student and a person and now I know why they were assigned each week. They made me think and reflect on certain topics and I’m sure I will use these posts to look back on in the future.

Our year is very quickly coming to an end. Although a little sad and upset, I am excited to take the skills I gained from this class and apply them to the real world. What a wonderful experience I had in this class. Entrepreneurial Mindsets is definitely a pathway anyone should take. To be honest, this wasn’t my first choice to elect my junior year, but the skills and experiences I gained from that year made it my first choice coming into my senior year. I hope for the best in the future of the company, and I can’t wait to see the newest Instagram posts from next years’ class.

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