Starting The Business Plan

Since it is the end of the DireLights part of Entrepreneurship, it is time to transition and begin to work on our own business ideas. Of course, DireLights will still be running and we are all still part of the company, but we will be working less on the company and more on our individual projects beginning in late March. For EMI, they will be pitching DireLights to Real World Scholars and create a detailed presentation of the things we do. For EMII, we have the option to work on our own business ideas, work with someone else with their idea, or continue working with DireLights. I chose to continue working on my own business idea because I am hoping to get it started one day in the future.

I have been very interested in making this business a reality and this is an awesome opportunity to flesh the business out and create a business plan to get it started. I am going to be working with Kacey on this project again which I am very grateful for because this is a daunting task and I am going to need some help. I looked at the business plan and there is a lot to get done, so I am glad I have some help. Doing this, we will get a much better idea about how the business will plan out, as well as make sure we actually want to continue with the business in the future. The BMC is a super important document to get funding through banks and other business loan providers, so it’s a good thing we are starting now and getting a good head start on it.

We are going to be presenting this business plan and how Entrepreneurship II helped us as an artifact for senior defense at the end of the year. This will take the place of us presenting in class which is really nice because it is one last thing we have to worry about. I was already planning on talking about the business and EMII as part of my defense of learning so this worked out perfectly for me. This class has really helped me become prepared for the future and I can’t use it as part of my defense.

Although I have not started the business plan, I have glanced over it and have a better understanding about what needs to be done and how much time it is going to take. I know that we will be working really hard to get everything fleshed out and we will be making sure that every base is covered. Feedback is always welcomed, and we will both be reaching out to some of you guys to provide it! 

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