The Importance of Analytics

With our website fully up and running, we have seen some amazing support and customer growth. I mentioned this in a previous post, but we completely sold out of our fall and winter scents over the holiday period! This proves that our website is very effective and customers found it easy to use and follow since they couldn’t purchase the candles in person. Because it was so successful, I feel like the website will be a permanent way for customers to purchase our products because of how easy it is to use and how convenient it is for customers if they can’t make it to an event night. The website is not finished however and there will always be improvements that can be made. One of these improvements we want to add ASAP is to install a plug-in that will allow us to see the analytics of the website. But what are analytics and why are they important?

Analytics are the data the website collects when people visit and use the website. For example, using analytics we can see how many people visit the website and for how long they visit it for, as well as if another website directed them to ours. This is a super interesting and cool thing to keep track of, especially if you want to see how current marketing campaigns are doing. We have a lot on our plate right now in terms of marketing new products, so by using analytics on the website, we can see if these marketing strategies are working. If we see that they are working, we can continue to use the same strategies, however, if they aren’t, we can see why they aren’t working and see where we can change things up. 

How we plan on doing this is by using Google Analytics. This website makes it really easy to see how your website is doing and includes all of the necessary information that we would like to see. We plan to implement this to the site within the next week or so, just in time for all of our February marketing campaigns to start. This will be a great addition to the website and will hopefully allow us to see the strengths and weaknesses of the site and marketing campaigns.

Analytics are a huge part of marketing and we are excited to get them up and running on our website. I am in contact with our web developers to see how and when this will get done. I feel like this will definitely improve the company as a whole and will drive us to be even more successful within the next few months.

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