The Psychology of Success

For this week, I decided to listen to a podcast to get a better understanding of how to succeed as a business. The podcast is “The Psychology of Success” recorded by Tony Robbins. I decided to listen to this podcast because I am interested in how the mind determines success and how different people view the topic.

One of the first things mentioned was how you can get and understand all of the skill sets needed to succeed in the business world as long as you have the psychology. When your business isn’t growing, it’s not because it’s impossible, its because they aren’t innovating and they aren’t innovating because they believe that it is impossible. There are main things that allow you to transform, one of them is Strategy – most people focus on this first because the “How to” Is the easiest step to begin with when doing anything in your life. Most people have these strategies available to them but they also all have a story explaining why that strategy isn’t working.  

Everyone has dreams. Where that be to open a new business, be an astronaut, build a fence around your house. Whatever it may be, you need two things. 1. The science of achievement. You have to know how to take your vision and make it real. A lot of business people do this and if you don’t currently know how to do this, follow someone else’s story and see how they made their dreams a reality. The simplest way is to want something so bad, that it’s the thing you can think about. Your brain will slowly come up with answers because you are so hungry for whatever it is. The second thing you need is Grace. You are doing all of these things to make your business or idea work, you need a little bit of grace to hold everything together. We can all achieve in life, but the most important thing is to know the art of fulfillment. There is a science to making money, anyone can do it. Fulfillment is an art because it is different for everyone in the world. Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. 

Ask the world “What do you want to solve?” This is one of the questions all entrepreneurs ask themselves when starting out. They all want to create a service to better the lives of others, while making money. Kids today have more access to things now than they did 20 years ago and that is why you see so many kids recognizing what is lacking from the world, and making something accordingly. It used to be that only King’s and Queens could solve problems in the world, and now it is anyone that can solve something. Corporations will come out and pose challenges to people, saying that, “if you can solve this problem, you win.” An example of this Elon Musk and a few other people funded a Global Learning Prize where nearly 700,000,000 kids and women around the world couldn’t read, write, or do arithmetic. The challenge was to create an app to take someone with little knowledge on these topics, and teach it to them in 18 months. 600 teams entered this competition, 200 of them are producing software, and the team with the best software will get their app released and given to these women and children to help them learn. 

This podcast really opened my eyes and made me rethink how I view success. There were so many concepts that were brought up and tools that were given to make yourself happy in the business world. One of the main takeaways was that you need to be happy with yourself after doing something. If you succeed in something but don’t feel anything after doing it, you aren’t succeeding. I will live by this whenever I am completing a task and ask myself this question whenever I feel like I succeeded. I really enjoyed this podcast because Tony Robbins is a very smart guy who knows so much about the brain and the business world and the connection between the two.






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