Junior Year

This is a piece my friends and I did early in the school year for the 3-2-1 Movie completion. The requirements were 3 pages of script, 2 actors, and 1 location. It took lots of planning and writing, but we agreed on an idea and got filming. It was really fun to work on this film with the people I enjoy working with the most. The film actually won the award for the best screenplay which is amazing! Really proud of this, hope you enjoy.



These are a couple of pictures I took for the 2019-2020 yearbook. The theme was “We are Better Together” so I wanted to make all of the pictures connect in some way. For example, I have one of the teachers throwing a ball to another teacher. This took lots of organization and planning, but it was worth it. I am super happy with how these turned out and it was a pleasure working with all of the CCNTH staff. I will be doing this project for as many years as I can because of how engaging and fun it is.

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