Sophomore Year

Biz Card Redesign

Final version


Mrs. Butler would like to redesign the business cards here at CCNTH.

Driving Question:

  • Can you create a ‘leave behind’ marketing piece that communicates what we do here at CCNTH on a standard sized business card?

This was the first project for my Digital Foundations class this year. For this project, we were tasked to take the original school business card and make it look better. I liked that idea but wanted to do something better. I asked my teacher if I could ask a specific teacher if I could make them a business card instead. He loved the idea and told me that was the more professional route. I decided to talk to my Spanish teacher if I could make him a business card. He loved the idea and gave me specifics on what he wanted on the card. This project was something I have never done before, but I was really excited to do it. Previous to this project, I hadn’t had much photoshop experience. We worked a little bit to get the basisc down which definatly helped. This was an individual project and we had to be as creative as possible with these cards. The teachers would all vote on the cards that they like and the winning card would be the card that the school uses as their business card. Since I was making a card for a specific teacher, I had no competition and my card would only be for that teacher.

I kept in constant contact with my client, sending him drafts of each card to make sure he liked it. He made it clear that he wanted Spanish components, as well as music elements, with colors like red and blue to be the main focus. There was a lot of freedom in this project, which I really loved. I used some of my photoschop skills and got to work on the card. I started with his name. I wanted that to be the main eye-catching part, so I made it bold, gave it a drop shadow, and used as a fancy elegant font. Once I was happy with it, I started working on the music element. I put music notes on the entire right-hand side of the card, coloring and rotating them each separately. I was happy with each of them, so I moved on to the information part of the card. I added the school address, his occupation, as well as some outside information that he wanted me to add. I sent him the card, and he fell in love with it. He was very happy with how it turned out, and he was impressed at how professional I was during the entire process.

I really loved this project. It showed me a lot of new photoshop skills that I can improve on as the year goes on. It also allowed me to work with w client for the first time. It scary working with someone and making sure I was getting everything he was looking for. Luckily, it all paid off in the end and my client was happy, and I got a good grade on the project.


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