About Me

Hi, my name is Elliot Thorogood. I am a senior at Central Coast New Tech High School. Live on the central coast and am going to attend Cuesta College in fall 2021. I have a passion for photography and want to pursue a career in media arts in the future. I have really good friends and family who support me and my work and I am constantly trying to get my name out there.  

The photography style I love to focus on is portrait photography. I believe that capturing a good portrait of someone can completely change the world in some way and I love the impact it has on people. I have been taking portraits for many years now and I strive to find new and interesting ways to take them. I am currently the editor and photographer for my schools’ yearbook, and I was/am responsible for taking the student and staff pictures on campus. I love being a part of the yearbook because it gives me first-hand experience in the portrait photography world and it sets me aside from other people taking portraits. This is a big project for me and something that I am lucky enough to use in a portfolio or resume. From time to time, I will dabble in other forms of photography for fun,  but I mainly stick with portraits to keep my professional portfolio uniform and organized. To look at my work, visit my “Digital Portfolio” page on my website!

You can contact me via email at elliotthorogood@gmail.com, Instagram @elliotthorogood, or by phone at (805) 994-9943

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