Photography – Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is how fast the camera reacts when a picture is taken, measured in hundredths of a second. High shutter speeds will result in high quality, clear pictures. Slow shutter speeds will have everything that stayed still while the picture was being taken clear, however, anything that moved will be blurry and out of […]

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80’s Surf Showdown

For this project, I was given the task to create a trophy plaque for the 9th annual Pismo Beach 80’s Surf Showdown. The trophy needed to be 80’s themed, needed to include the logos of the two sponsors of the competition, as well as the date and division the trophy plaque was going to be […]

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Business Card

In my Digital Foundations class, I was given the task to create a business card for my school. I decided to reach out to a specific teacher, Mr. Jon Hinthorne, and make him a business card. I emailed him and he said he would love a new business card. He gave me things he wanted […]

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